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Ille hic est Raphael timuit quo sospite vinci, rerum magna parens et moriente mori.

Here lies Raphael: when he was living, nature feared he would defeat her, now that he is dead, she fears her end is near.” Pietro Bembo, epitaph on Raphael’s tomb in the Pantheon, Roma

Raphael – the lord of the arts – in 3D is the first film ever made on the life of Raphael Sanzio, one of the world’s most celebrated artists.

Few figures in the history of art have had a life as intense and richly evocative as Raphael Sanzio (also known as Raphael NdT). Although he died at the young age of 37, he was able to leave an indelible mark on the history of art.  Raphael’s destiny appears to have been written in his roots. Giovanni Santi, his father, was a painter and intellectual at the court of Federico da Montefeltro and was probably his first tutor and source of inspiration. Orphaned at the age of eleven, the only path open to Raphael was to follow in his father’s artistic footsteps: a courageous choice that was to prove most fitting. In fact, while still a boy, at 17, he was made magister, a glorious beginning to a triumphant career. From enfant prodige to prince of the arts in a two-decade span, Raphael was able to turn his extraordinary personal contacts into the stepping stones of success. He learned from his teachers and rose above them, challenging them and emerging the winner, observing them and improving on what he had learned. He became the favorite of Popes and the powerful, loved life and lived it to the fullest without remorse, intensely and passionately.

His life is as unforgettable as his works, a life that this film attempts to retrace, from his first steps in Urbino to the grandeur of his Roman period, the apex and epilogue of his personal and artistic journey. An intimate dialogue between his life and his works that moves through passionate artistic digressions, delivered by renowned art historians, and refined historical reconstructions, genuine tableau vivant inspired by nineteenth century paintings that depict Raphael in the most pivotal moments of his life.

The life of the great artist is interspersed with moments of informed and enthusiastic commentary, provided by highly respected art historians: Antonio Paolucci, Vincenzo Farinella and Antonio Natali. An artistic itinerary that moves through 20 locations and analyzes more than 70 works, including 30-plus of the most famous and representative masterpieces by the maestro from Urbino.

All this is amplified by the most advanced 3D and 4K cinematographic technology, involving a genuine arsenal of trolleys, mechanical arms, helicopters and drones. To these are added the techniques of dimensioning, which permit a full immersion into the works themselves.

Flavio Parenti plays Raphael, with co-stars Enrico Lo Verso in the role of Giovanni Santi, Angela Curri as the ‘Fornarina’ and Marco Cocci as Pietro Bembo.

A sequence of mounting beauty inspired by the brush of and genius of one of the greatest talents mankind has ever known.

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